How it works

How it works & Rules

The participation in the AAAPC on and its implementation is governed by the following provisions. Participation can only take place online.
A participant participates in the AAPC by registering at and submitting the pictures as a digital image file via the Internet portal Participation must be within the specified time limit. The participant is responsible for the accuracy of his e-mail address. The electronically recorded input at AAPC serves to check the deadline.



The AAPC 2022 Competition Starts on January 5th, 2022 and ends by December 31st, 2022. Only photographers who have already submitted images to the AFNS AWARD and have been awarded at least a WINNER BADGE or higher may participate in the AAPC. Photographers can submit their images daily and will be reviewed and evaluated within 24 hours. There is NO Jugding, Badging, Assigning & Uploading on Weekends. This unique judging process allows participants to quickly evaluate and achieve award goals.

All submissions to the competition must be received by the end of the competition.



Step 1: Register and create a user profile.
Step 2: Upload your pictures to the contest and pay with PayPal.
Step 3: Within 24 hours we will rate your pictures and assign the badges to your pictures and upload your pictures to the winner galleries. You can download the assigned badges directly from your profile and use them for your promotion.
Step 4: We assign your AAPC level points to your profile and you can start collecting more points to get to the top of the ranking list with the chance to win the title “AAPC Photographer of the Year”. All Top 100 photographers of the year receive a “AAPC Top 100 Photographer of the Year” certificate.
Step 5: Collect as many badges with your pictures as possible in 2022 and win great prizes and products from our generous sponsors.



At the AAPC, photographers from the fields of newborn photography, pregnancy photography, can participate. Participants may be professionals and amateurs in their field of photography. Participants must be at least 18 years of age.

The AAPC is divided into 5 categories.

  1. Category Newborn photography
  2. Category Maternity photography
  3. Category Parents photography
  4. Category Siblings photography
  5. Children Photography



Each participant can participate according to the number of pictures defined in the respective photo competition. Every picture has to be submitted by means of an online form via the Internet portal in digital JPG format. The compulsory details of the online form must be completed. Participants must have read and accepted the conditions of participation.

  1. Please fill in the form in your profile under the menu item PARTICIPATE.
  2. Pay your participation with PayPal. After we receive your payment and the submitted pictures, you officially participate in the contest. You will immediately receive an e-mail from us, which confirms your successful submission of your pictures and payment.
  3. The submitted pictures will be evaluated and badged within 24 hours. Pictures that receive a rating of fewer than 6 points will not receive a badge and level points.



The competition consists of two evaluation steps. In session 1, the participants will be examined (fulfilled conditions of participation, competition requirements, file size, etc.) In the second step, the AAPC will select the winners of the respective category among the audited entries.

The AAPC evaluates photographers who convey a high level of quality and exceptionalness with their pictures. The submitted images are judged and awarded by the AAPC by means of creativity, idea, composition, image design and implementation. Winners will be published on:

  • In the Winners gallery on the website
  • On the AAPC Facebook page



Participation is only possible via the online form. Any contributions that are submitted in another way are not permitted and will not be returned. Any picture made available via the online form will be available for review from the publication on according to the competition conditions. A claim to the publication does not exist. The uploaded image will be provided with the user registration, user name, e-mail address, picture name, short picture description and date of the upload Http:// saved. The information is entered in the relevant fields of the form. Participants agree to the use and storage of their data solely for the purposes of this photo competition. The submitted images will be deleted from the AAPC media after completion of the contest and the follow-up. The winners will be notified by AAPC in writing, by e-mail and can be published by name at With this form of publication, the winner expressly agrees.

  • You can send as many pictures as you want and participate in the AAPC. In each case according to the steps described above. Your digital images must have 2048 pixels on the longest side. Your images must be saved with 150 PPI to ensure a fast upload experience. Images can be colored in RGB, Adobe-1998 or B/W.
  • You may upload 1 single image file per form to the AAPC. You can submit images multiple times, there is no limit for submissions. Each participation consists of a registration form, pictures and a participation fee.
  • The participant assures that he has all rights to the submitted picture, has the full rights of exploitation of all parts of the picture, that the picture is free of third-party rights, and that no personality rights are infringed in the representation of persons. If one or more persons are shown on the picture, the persons concerned must agree to the publication of the picture. The participant will insure the above in writing. If, however, third parties are entitled to assert claims for infringement of their rights, the participant shall release the organizers from all claims. Photographs taken at the computer may not contain pictures from magazines, books, CDs purchased, etc.
  • Entries shall be assessed in accordance with the assessment criteria as defined below. Your photos may not contain any obscene, provocative, defamatory, sexually explicit or otherwise offensive or inappropriate content. Photos taken as inappropriate are disqualified.



The images submitted as part of the AAPC may not be regarded as obscene, offensive, defamatory, ethically offensive, violent, pornographic, harassing, inappropriate for minors, racist, racist, xenophobic, right-wing and / or otherwise objectionable. The upload of the corresponding pictures can lead to the exclusion from the photo competition according to the conditions of participation. The organizer reserves the right to delete uploaded pictures before or after publication, without giving reasons.



In case of a breach of these terms, AAPC reserves the right to exclude persons from the AAPC. It also excludes persons who use unauthorized tools or who otherwise benefit from manipulation. In such cases, profits can also be recognized and reclaimed subsequently. It is also excluded, who makes untrue personal details.



Awards and prizes are published on the AAPC homepage.



The organizers of the AAPC reserve the right to cancel or terminate the photo competition at any time without prior notice and without giving reasons. The organizer shall make use of this possibility in particular if, for technical reasons (eg viruses in the computer system, manipulation or errors in the hardware and/or software) or for legal reasons, the proper performance of the photocopy can not be guaranteed. If such termination is caused by the conduct of a participant, the organizer may demand compensation for the loss incurred by the organizer.



The organizer accepts no liability for the loss or possible damage to the submitted pictures.


In order to participate in the AAPC, it is essential to accept the current data protection. The participant is at any time free to revoke the consent to the storage by revocation at and thus withdraw from the participation. You can find the Privacy Policy by clicking this link here.
The data submitted by the senders will be passed on to third parties involved in the publication of the images within the scope of the AAPC (reporting on this, prize lending, etc.), such as journals or exhibition organizers. The participant expressly agrees hereby.