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An exclusive contest for winners of the AFNS AWARD

Yes, its true – We are the first and only contest that judges & awards your submissions in 24 hours. We created the AAPC to give all members and enthusiasts of AFNS AWARD even more opportunities to gain recognition and prestige through further great awards, badges and certificates. Only winners and placed winners of the AFNS AWARD 2017 – 2023 have the possibility to submit pictures to the AAPC. We would like to help these photographers to receive even more appreciation through this extended contest and thereby reward their loyalty over the last 7 years AFNS AWARD.

The main goal and motivation to join the AAPC are the great prizes from our generous sponsors, the certificates, publications in our official magazine and the title “AAPC PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE MONTH

These are the categories we award

We award different categories for the professional level of expertise in worldwide family photography


Show us your best and greatest newborn pictures. We love details, close-ups, wonderful sets and poses.


Show us your most beautiful pictures of great and artistically presented maternity photography.


Show us pictures of happy and proud parents, families or hands closeup. We love unique and precious moments.


Show us pictures of siblings best poses and great connection. We love natural and beautifully staged shots.

A Truly Beautiful Contest you will love and always come back for more.

Submit your best pictures and get judged & awarded in 24 hours.

Start Now and Create the Ideal Moment

You are invited to participate in the AFNS AWARD PRIME CONTEST 2023. We are celebrating your prime photography.


A rating of 2-3.9 is required to receive the official BRONZE AWARD BADGE. Images that have an average, professional beginner level and talent will be awarded 10 AAPC Level Points.


A rating of 4-6.9 is required to receive the official SILVER AWARD BADGE. Images that have an above-average, professional standard level and creative talent will be awarded 20 AAPC Level Points.


A rating of 7-8.9 is required to receive the official GOLD AWARD BADGE. Images that show exceptional creativity and outstanding editing & lighting skills will be awarded 50 AAPC Level Points.


A rating of 9-10 is required to receive the official PRIME AWARD BADGE. Images that are so extraordinarily creative and unique, and show a high level of artistic creation will be awarded 100 AAPC Level Points.

NOTE: If the submitted images receive a rating below 2, we will award the PARTICIPANTS BADGE but NO points.

Start Creating Perfect Moments & Participate Now with your outstanding work

We draw on photographers who convey a high level of quality and exceptionalness with their pictures.

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