YES or NO – Are your pictures good enough?

We know that some photographers find it difficult to properly evaluate their own images. When it comes to choosing the right images to send to our contest, the decision is usually very difficult and many are undecided about which images to send.
Through our years of experience with the AFNS AWARD 2017-2021, we have learned that about 75% of the entries to the contest do not have the quality and level to win.
In our opinion, this is only due to the photographer’s wrong assessment, overestimation and poor image selection.In the field of family photography, there are about 50000 photographers worldwide who photograph newborns, maternity, children or sitters. We at AFNS AWARD PRIME CONTEST would like to help you to choose the right pictures for the contest, which have a high chance to get the highest possible award from us, which are GOLD or PRIME.
We would like to help you save money and avoid disappointment because your images were not awarded. We know very well that you are photographers, artists, businessmen with heart and soul, that you love what you do, and for that we want to reward and appreciate you.
For this purpose, we have created a thread on our official Facebook page and pinned it on top.
Under this threat, you can post your pictures that you would like to send to the AAPC. You will get a simple YES or NO from us to your picture. Thereby we want to show you which kind of your pictures have a chance to win the contest. This way you can save money and avoid disappointment.
We love what we do and want to give you a lot of pleasure and support you on your way.
Visit our Facebook page and post your pictures in the YES or NO threat.
Only the best
Your friends from AFNS AWARD PRIME CONTEST 2021

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